Move home with a professional removal service

Everyone moves home during their lives, but moving safely is not a skill everyone has. It does involve risks, so the help of a professional removal service really isn’t a luxury.


“Does a move always go more smoothly with a professional removal service? If it involves more than a couple of boxes or a small amount of possessions, my answer is yes,” begins Sarah Dockx, managing director of Dockx Movers. “Even more so if you work at height.”

“For example, our company is a member of the Belgian Chamber of Removers (BKV). That means we have to meet very strict safety conditions and requirements. One is that all our ladder lifts are inspected quarterly to meet the highest safety standards. We are also obliged to provide vocational training to all our people several times a year, on aspects such as

using ladder lifts, ergonomics, packing things and loading removal vans safely and so on. Our people are also monitored in this through a personal development plan (PDP), with periodic evaluations. Here, we discuss the successes, but also areas where a mover has scope for improvement moving forward.”

Transport licence

“Another reason to partner with a professional removal service like Dockx Movers is that our people are much better at estimating how much weight can be loaded. This know-how is crucial, especially when working at height, with a ladder lift to move items to a flat for example. People who do it themselves instead of engaging a professional removal service can also forget about factors such as braking distances. However, if your removal van is poorly stacked, it could cost you dearly, literally and figuratively. By the way, did you know that in Belgium, it’s not allowed to transport goods as part of a move without a transport licence? So beware of rogue moving companies without such a licence or sharing platforms where people offer their removal services but have no real experience in doing so.”

Safety first

But the most important argument for choosing a professional removal company is safety, something Sarah Dockx says is still too often neglected. “Try getting a heavy cabinet down from the fourth floor. You hold one side, and, say, your sixteen-year-old son holds the other. When that cabinet tilts to one side, all that weight comes bearing down on the poor person securing it. You probably get the picture. Our people, however, have experience with this. They all wear safety clothing and safety shoes, they bring cones and barricade tape and so on. We’ve heard about people suffering crushed feet and fractures because they didn’t wear safety shoes, and customers getting their thumb or hand caught between the tailgate lift and the truck. Then there are those who are dead tired after six hours of moving and absent-mindedly drive their removal van into something. When moving home, you always have to keep a cool head. Most people have little or no experience of moving: on average, we only move seven times in a lifetime, too little to become an expert.”

Watch the weather

Another thing DIY movers often ignore: the weather forecast. “Moving in the rain brings additional risks, but wind is another important factor. If you have to work at height and don’t quite know what you’re doing… Moreover, the higher you go, the stronger the wind. For this reason, our people working at height wear safety harnesses to prevent them from falling down. DIY movers obviously don’t have such tools. Ideally, a move at height also requires four people: two upstairs, two downstairs. This is something that a professional removal company takes into account.”

“Moving home isn’t rocket science,” Sarah Dockx concludes. “It requires common sense. And especially in terms of safety: you have to use inspected materials, in particular when moving at height. This is where the advantages of using a professional mover are obvious.”

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