The advantages of furniture storage: do you already know how it works?

Furniture storage is a handy service when you move, renovate, or just want to make more space in your home without having to dispose of possessions permanently. From sofas to cabinets: furniture storage is a way of making sure your possessions are kept safely and dust-free in a storage container in a heated warehouse.

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When is furniture storage useful?

There are many occasions in life when storing your possessions temporarily or on a more long-term basis is a good idea. One example is during a renovation. If you’re having work done on your home, some extra space is very handy. It makes it easier for you and the workers to keep an eye on everything on site and protects your furniture against damage.

Furniture storage is also useful if you buy or rent a new home, as there is often a delay of a few months before you can move in. You can bridge those months easily by temporarily storing your household effects in secure storage. Are you downsizing? Another occasion when furniture storage comes in handy. When the kids fly the nest or you want a smaller home for financial reasons, you may well find yourself with more furniture than you need in your new place.

Difficult to organise things at home? Then furniture storage is a good idea too! Take your ski box, fishing rods and garden furniture out of your garage, and use it to park your car. That’s what a garage was designed for, after all!

Maybe you’re going house-hunting, and want to sell your own home? Temporary storage of unnecessary furniture so you can stage your home helps achieve a quick sale, as a home appears larger if it’s free of clutter and is more appealing to potential buyers.

Companies struggling with a shortage of office space can also benefit from furniture storage. A specialised storage area has space to safely store stock or promotional material, without renting a larger office.

What are the advantages of furniture storage?

Fragile items such as antiques, furniture, musical instruments, and paintings can’t simply be stored in a garage for months on end. After all, excess humidity can cause mould to develop or damage your possessions. It’s important to store your precious items correctly to avoid the heartache this causes. Thanks to the optimised climate control in a purpose-built storage area, your possessions are stored in the best possible conditions, all year round.

Which size is best?

The size and/or quantity of furniture containers you need depends on the quantity and type of furniture you want to store. Dockx Movers, for example, has individual storage containers available in sizes of 10 m³ or 30 m³. Also check if you can dismantle bulky items, such as beds and wardrobes, to save space. If you’re not sure how many cubic metres you need for your household goods, you can always contact us for some advice.

Flexible furniture storage

It’s difficult to predict how long you’ll need to keep your possessions in storage. We often collect a lot of stuff during our lives, some of which we only need sporadically. Unexpected circumstances in our lives can also cause us to suddenly find ourselves in need of temporary storage. Examples include waiting for a new home after a divorce, or for a renovation to be concluded. Fortunately, Dockx Movers uses flexible contracts which you can cancel whenever you want. You can also arrange storage for short periods. Furniture storage contracts can be concluded for periods of as little as one week. If you suddenly need more storage space, you can usually easily switch to a larger storage container.

Safe and secure

Professional movers treat your furniture with the utmost care. They pack all your goods and stack them in the storage containers. The containers are stored in a heated, dust-free warehouse, where they’re protected against fire and theft. If you just need storage for possessions in boxes, we also supply a comprehensive range of moving boxes and packing material specially designed to make your move easy.

Furniture storage for businesses

Companies are digitising more and more documents, but physical data that has to be stored in a secure environment will always exist. Archisafe has many years of expertise in archive storage.

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