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Ladder lift with Dockx Movers lift operator

Are you moving and do you need a moving lift? Contact us for more information. You can rent a furniture lift with a professional lift operator at Dockx Movers. The moving lift will be brought to your location and operated for you during your move.

Our lift operators receive periodic safety training and know better than anyone what capacities the lift can handle and how it should be placed safely. This against any type of facade to prevent damage to buildings and goods.

Would you like to speed up your move? Then hire an extra removal expert

Since moving at height involves the necessary risks, it is wise to call in an experienced mover in addition to a lift operator. He can lift the goods on the lift platform together with you and knows better than anyone how the weight distribution should be done on a lift platform. Weight distribution is one of the most important things when it comes to working at height.

This is to work safely, smoothly and damage-free. Often lifting heavy loads above hip height on a plateau against a window is underestimated, and these professional movers then come in handy. This will make your move go a lot smoother and faster so after unloading you still have plenty of time to give your goods a place in your home or office.


Quality guarantee at Dockx Movers

  • Inspected quarterly by an authorized inspection agency
  • Maximum capacity loading platform: 200 kg
  • Periodic safety training for lift operators
    High-quality and neat material
  • Including professional safety equipment: safety cones to cordon off the location, moving blankets, specific protection for window frame or balcony, ..
  • Availability of different types of lifts: lifts on truck, trailer lifts and self-assembly lifts, depending on the situation
  • Member of the professional association of the Belgian Chamber of Professional Movers
  • All our movers have a professional card
  • We rent to both private individuals and companies

Important if you rent a moving lift

  • Be sure to apply early to the municipality for a no-parking zone permit
  • A removal lift requires 10 m of parking space, if you choose to rent a moving van or truck keep in mind a total parking space of 25m.
  • Only possible with wind force <45 km / h
  • If there are narrow or low passages, we must come with an adapted lift. Be sure to mention this when booking.
  • To work efficiently and safely, you need 4 (strong) people if you work on a floor, including lift operator. 2 Persons who lift the items on the platform upstairs and 2 persons on the ground floor to unload the items and secure them in the vehicle. This prevents someone from constantly having to walk from up to downstairs and thus delay the move.
  • The use of a moving lift is only possible if there are no obstacles between the moving lift and the window through which the moving takes place.


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