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Office removals and public institutions

Dockx Movers has many years of expertise and offers turnkey solutions for:

Full-service one-off company removals

Business relocation services for your company or office? Time is of the essence and everything has to run efficiently and orderly, so you can quickly get back to work at your new location. Dockx Movers is your ideal partner and has many years of experience in professional removals for government bodies, offices and companies.

Project-based approach

Every relocation project is unique, so we appoint a personal project leader for you. This person is your permanent contact during the removal and coordinates the relocation.

Action plan

Our project leader goes through all the details with you and 'translates' your office removal into a sound, well-thought-out action plan.

IT equipment

We have extensive equipment and expertise on-hand to move your IT securely and safely.

IT Materiaal

Wij beschikken over een uitgebreide kennis & assortiment van materialen om uw informatica op een secure en veilige manier te verhuizen.

Flexibiliteit tijdens uitvoering

We zorgen ervoor dat uw activiteit zo min mogelijk wordt geimpacteerd tijdens de verhuis. Onze verhuizen werken discreet en op vakkundig tempo.


We make sure that your activities are disturbed as little as possible during the removal. Our movers work discreetly and at a professional pace.

Professional packaging and storage

Our professional packers pack your valuable items adequately. We also offer storage options for your furniture.

Archive management/destruction

A removal is the ideal time to reorganise your archive material and find a place to store it, either internally or partly externally. We're the perfect partner to help you with this.

Furniture assembly

Our experienced craftsmen are trained to professionally assemble your office furniture.

Office clearance

If your office or building has to be cleared after the removal, we can give your old furniture a second life in the circular economy.

Waste containers

A company removal often generates considerable waste. We provide the required waste containers or containers for archive destruction.

Intensive partnership for regular interventions

We do more than just company and office removals. Are there sometimes changes at your company such as staff shifts or optimisation of office spaces? Do you need someone to collect or deliver furniture or installations, set up stands, …? If so, it’s always more pleasant to work with a company that has the necessary experience in these areas, such as Dockx Movers. Our people go the extra mile to turn your needs into deeds.

View our office removal checklist

Refer to this handy checklist for an efficient and worry-free removal.

Organise your own office removal

If you would prefer to arrange your company removal yourself, make sure you’re completely prepared by checking out our tips.

Office removal checklist

Preparation is half the battle. Download here our office removal checklist. It has lots of handy tips and reminders, so you can prepare your removal down to the last detail.

Suitable moving materials

Make sure you have the right moving boxes and materials: adhesive tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, ... Don't forget labels, so that everything is correctly labelled, and you can immediately make sure the boxes are put in the right places on arrival.

A very wide range of moving boxes and materials are available from our e-store. Orders placed before 13:00 are delivered the next working day.

The ideal removal vehicle

The best way to transport your material smoothly and safely is with a vehicle fitted with wooden securing battens, which ensures your possessions are kept securely in place during the journey. To save your back, you should also use a vehicle with a tailgate lift.

Our colleagues at Dockx Rental have an extensive range of removal vehicles available to suit everyone's needs. If you also rent some removal straps and removal blankets, you can be sure that everything will arrive at its new destination undamaged.

Removal lift

Are you moving to or from an upper floor and do you temporarily need a lift to bring your possessions to the right floor? Then the best idea is to use a removal lift with a skilled operator or a self-assembly lift. Using an external lift is faster and above all safer.

Our other services

Below is an overview of the other services we offer to make sure your company removal runs smoothly.

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