Moving boxes and moving materials

The entire range of moving boxes and moving materials is available for purchase in the Dockx e-shop. Orders for boxes and packing materials placed and paid for online before 1 p.m. will be available the following business day.

Removal lift with Dockx Movers lift operator

Are you in need of a removal lift with a Dockx Movers lift operator? Then make an appointment with Dockx Movers, and the removal lift will be delivered to your address. A trained and experienced professional will operate the removal lift. Would you like to speed up your move? Then hire an extra removal expert.

  • Removal lift reaches the 12th storey; max. ladder height: 9.5 m
  • Max. load-bearing capacity loading platform: 200 kg
  • Loading platform dimensions: closed 0.80 m x 1.20 m; open 1.21 m x 2.02 m
  • Inspected quarterly by an authorised inspection agency
  • Removal lift requires 10 m of parking space
  • Be sure to apply early to the municipality for a no-parking zone permit
  • The use of a removal lift is only possible if there are no obstacles between the removal lift and the window through which items will be moved

Self-assembly ladder lift

The Dockx self-assembly removal lifts can be rented at a number of the Dockx Service Shops. Read the accompanying user manual carefully before starting to assemble and operate the removal lift.

How does a removal lift work?

Download the booklet of practical guidelines for setting up the DIY removal lift or take a look at the handy demonstration film.

​Moving tips


Will you take on the challenge of packing and moving your fragile and valuable items yourself? In the videos, the Dockx Movers removal experts share their experience and advice: How to move a piano? How to move an aquarium?

Would you rather hand your household items over to a specialised moving company? Contact Dockx Movers. More moving videos? Check out all the moving tips and moving advice from our experts here.

Moving boxes and moving materials

Moving company Dockx Movers has the perfect box for all your things—from book boxes, dinnerware boxes and wardrobe boxes to cheerful children’s moving boxes and wine boxes. Also make sure to stock up on a selection of the right moving materials so you can safely pack up your household items. Remember mattress protectors, bubble wrap, wrapping tissue, tape and blankets. Make a list of all the moving boxes and materials you need, and then purchase your moving boxes and moving materials here. If you purchase these in the Dockx e-shop before 1 p.m., you can pick them up for free from your local Dockx Service Shop on the following business day. If you would rather have them delivered to your home, you will have to pay a delivery fee of €7.50.

Moving tools

Dockx rents a variety of moving tools to make your move easier and to spare your back. All moving blankets, moving straps, rolling boards, transpallets and dollies can be rented from the Dockx Service Shops.


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