Packing and arranging a move: a process virtually everyone dreads. However, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and frustration by making sure you pack your belongings more efficiently.
Sarah Dockx was 24 years old when she started at the bottom rung of the family business. Together with her brother Joeri, she built Dockx. Sarah is now Managing Director at Dockx Movers and a loving mother. Read about where her passion for business comes from and how she sees the future of moving assistance here.
After 5 years working as an agent at Dockx Rental, Marco found that selling removal services was more his true calling. He quickly transferred to Dockx Movers, where he has been working for 12 years with just as much enthusiasm and passion.
Yamal is 48 years old and has been a very enthusiastic member of the Dockx Movers team in Antwerp for many years. It’s 3 pm on a sunny Monday afternoon when Yamal returns to the depot after completing a removal. Time for a quick chat with this cheerful colleague.