Moving in the winter? Here's some essential info!

If you move during the winter, there are all kinds of issues to take into account: cold weather, icy driveways, wet shoes, early onset of night, etc. Despite everything, there are also advantages to moving in the winter. Motorways are less congested, and moving companies have more time available during the holiday period, for example. Avoid stress when moving in the winter by taking into account the following moving tips.

Dockx Movers geeft verhuistips voor de winter – Verhuizen in de winter

1. Get the troops assembled

It’s not a good idea to move alone, especially during the winter. Make sure you’ve got a removal team sorted out in good time. That could be a professional moving team, but friends or family can also be good helpers during a move, providing they get some encouragement. Promise them some pizza and beer, or a cup of hot chocolate! Think carefully about what time to start the move. Since the days are shorter in winter, the best idea is to move in the morning. Use the daylight hours well, because you might not have lighting ready in your new home straight away, and nothing is more stressful than working against the clock.

2. Take your time

Getting your skates on might work in the summer, but a winter move requires a calmer, more thoughtful approach. Thorough preparations for your move should therefore be seen as a necessary investment. Rushing around on a slippery driveway or pavement could well put you at risk of a nasty fall. Organise the move carefully and remove any dead leaves or snow from your driveway and pavement the night before the move. It’s also a good idea to make sure the removal van can park as close to your home as possible. Apply for parking restrictions or ask your neighbours if you could use their driveways.

3. Don't forget your winter essentials

If you move during the winter, you should also think about what clothes to wear. Make sure you have a hat, a winter coat in which you can move around freely, and warm socks and shoes. Non-slip gloves are also a good idea, and even better if they are heated. Bring some extra clothes for your movers, too. Moving is quite a challenge, but at least it’s easy to avoid suffering from the cold. Some other essential items for your emergency kit: jumper cables for the car and a torch.

4. Turn the heating on in one room

There’s nothing more tiring than shifting moving boxes around all day and constantly shivering and trembling from the cold. Energy prices have skyrocketed, so heating the entire house while the front door is open for the move is like burning cash. However, make sure there’s one heated room where you and the movers can take a break and relax with a nice hot coffee.

5. Protect your floors

Movers will have to walk in and out of your home, and may well bring in some dirt, mud, sand, moisture and snow while doing so. Protect your floors and carpets with several layers of plastic, old carpets, and blankets. Create walkways from the front door to the main areas.

6. Protect electrical equipment and furniture

If you remove your electrical equipment, works of art and furniture from the removal van in the rain or snow, you have to protect them from being damaged by water. Protect them with moving blankets.

7. Hire professional movers

Last but not least. Moving to a new home marks the start of a new chapter in your life. As a result, there’s always some stress involved in this transition. Enlisting the help of professional movers means you can be sure the move will be efficient and safe. Dockx Movers can take care of the entire process from start to finish. Can’t stand the winter anyway? Did you know that Dockx Movers also offers special packages for international removals? Ideal for those who want to spend the winter in warmer climes.

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