Preparing to move? Be sure to take this into account!

Above all, preparing a move means identifying the possible risks and pitfalls and then considering how these can be avoided as much as possible or at least minimised. There are various bodies (municipality, utilities, subscriptions, etc.) that need to be informed of your move – for example, the municipal administration needs to know about the change of address – and there are also many hands-on things to look into. Our moving services Dockx Movers lists them all!

Verhuis voorbereiden Dockx Movers. Man die Dockx Boxes verhuisdozen inpakt.

Practical questions about preparing the move

Preparing for a move means asking a lot of questions: what do I need to arrange for my move? How much moving time do I think I need? Do I need help moving? What are the costs of a mover? What moves first and what can wait? Do I need temporary storage for my possessions?  Do I have enough professional cardboard moving boxes to pack and label everything safely and neatly? Will a moving lift be an issue? And if so, with or without controls? What about really fragile items, such as an aquarium, or what about the often confusing paperwork? All these questions need to be answered before you start the actual move. Dockx Movers can answer all these questions for you.

What can you do yourself to prepare for your move?

You can already do a lot before the move actually starts. For example, it is advisable to systematically go through all the rooms and make an inventory of your possessions. Think of a system where you can easily recognise the moving boxes per room (e.g. with colour codes or numbering), so that when you unload, it is immediately clear what goes where. You can also gather up all the small items that often get lost during a move but are crucial in advance: keys, assembly tools, remote controls, and so on. Provide a small moving box in which to store these items.

But the most important preparation tip is and remains: start thinking and working well in advance and make a moving checklist, and then tick items off as you go.

You can also see a move as an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items. Empty all the cupboards in the room and make a critical selection. What should stay and what can go? Items that you no longer use yourself, but which may be of use to others, are best brought to the thrift shop. This is also better for the environment!

Need a professional moving company?

If you cannot find a clear answer to all your questions, it may mean that you need a trusted moving company – one that is not only active throughout Belgium but also covers the entire range of moves: from lift service only to full service moves with packing and unpacking done by professional movers. By the way, did you know that Dockx Movers does a personal screening and draws up a customised moving plan for every move because every move is different? Dockx Movers also offers a furniture storage service. We work with flexible (temporary) furniture storage and take good care of all of your belongings! We will even bring the moving container to you if you wish. Do you have more archives in the house? We’ve also got solutions for archive storage!

Dockx Movers relieves your worries in several ways

Relieving your worries is the most important thing a professional moving company does! It knows perfectly well how to get the aforementioned aquarium to its new destination without damage, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Or what about a heavy piano? That, too, is one of Dockx Movers’ many talents. Perhaps it is even worth considering outsourcing the move to a professional partner instead of doing it yourself? This way, your move is optimally prepared!

Do you have a move coming up and would like the support of a reliable and quality moving partner? Or would you simply like more information about the Dockx Movers moving options? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.