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Furniture storage


When does furniture storage come in handy?

  • You’re going to renovate or rebuild
  • You’re moving house and cannot immediately go to the new address
  • You’re moving to downsize
  • You’re going abroad for a short or long period
  • You want to organize your home/garden house/storage room/garage better
  • As a company, you’re looking for storage space for surplus office furniture, promotional material, etc

Furniture storage

At Dockx Movers you can have your furniture stored in one of our individual storage containers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between storage containers of 10 m³ and 30 m³.

Dockx Movers can bring the containers to you, so that the goods can be loaded into the container on site.

Flexible storage

Dockx Movers understands that it is often difficult to predict how long your goods will remain in storage. That is why we work with flexible contracts that you can stop whenever you want. You can also come to us for short-term storage, because you can enter into a furniture storage contract from a term of just one week.

Flexibility at Dockx Movers also means that you can adjust your storage capacity without any problem. Do you want to move several items of furniture to your new home already or is your business growing and do you need more storage space? Dockx Movers offers you the right solution. You can easily switch to another form of storage container.

Taking the best care of your goods

Dockx Movers guarantees dust-free and safe storage of your goods.

The containers are stored in our heated warehouse and are protected against fire and theft.

Our movers ensure that everything is professionally packed and stacked in the storage containers for optimum protection of your belongings.

You can also come to Dockx Movers for an extensive range of moving boxes and packing materials, fully adapted to suit the goods that you wish to store.


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