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Furniture storage

Dockx Movers’ furniture storage service is the safe and easy way to store your furniture. A solution for temporary furniture storage during renovations and moves, or furniture storage for longer periods such as downsizing or long-term stays abroad. We offer flexible and safe furniture storage solutions, so you can focus on what really matters. Contact us for a personalised storage solution.


Storage space for furniture

Store your furniture in one of Dockx Movers’ individual storage containers. Depending on the items you need to store, you can choose between 10 m³ and 30 m³ storage containers.

Small 10 m³ container

Our small storage container has enough space to store a lot of items.

Large 30 m³ container

Vous pouvez stocker plusieurs meubles de grande taille dans ce grand conteneur de stockage.

Flexible contracts

Dockx Movers understands that it’s often difficult to predict how long your goods will stay in storage. For this reason, we use flexible contracts that you can terminate whenever you wish. You can also use our service for short periods of storage, as you can enter into a furniture storage contract from as little as one week.

At Dockx Movers, we are flexible, so you can also change your storage capacity without any problem. Are you already moving some furniture to your new home, or is your business growing and in need of more storage space? Dockx Movers offers the right solution, and you can change to a different size of storage container easily.

The best care for your goods

Choose a professional partner like Dockx Movers to store your furniture and goods, and enjoy a lot of advantages and guarantees:

Moreover, our movers ensure that everything is professionally packed and stacked in the storage containers so that your belongings are protected as well as possible. Dockx Movers also supplies an extensive range of moving boxes and packing materials specially designed for the goods you wish to store.

How does furniture storage work at Dockx Movers?

Getting your furniture stored at Dockx Movers is simple. Check out the different steps below, so you know exactly how it works.

Easy reservation

Reserve your storage space with a simple phone call. Choose a 10 m³ or 30 m³ container.

Filling the container

Dockx Movers can deliver the containers to your home. Your goods can then be loaded into the container on the spot, after which they are safely stored in our warehouse.

Packing and stacking

You can also call on our movers to have your items professionally packed and stacked in the storage containers.

Collecting goods

Need something from the warehouse? Call 48 hours in advance, so we can get your container ready.

Furniture storage versus self-storage

Looking for the perfect storage solution for your items? At Dockx Movers, we understand that every situation is different, so we’re pleased to offer furniture storage as the solution for long-term storage during moves, temporary stays abroad, or when you just need some extra space.

Les avantages de l'entreposage de meubles chez Dockx Movers

Furniture storage in your region

The containers are kept in our warehouse in Antwerp (Wilrijk). We transport the container to your home for loading, anywhere in Belgium.


Our advisers are happy to help.