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Moving house

Are you planning a move soon? An exciting occasion! But what’s the best way to go about it? At Dockx Movers, we’re ready for anyone with moving plans, whether you intend to do the move yourself or hire a removal company. Find out more about our services.

Hire a removal company

Looking for a stress-free and efficient move? Leave it to our professional removal service! Our team of experienced movers will ensure a smooth transition to your new home, while you can concentrate on other things. Hiring a removal company has many advantages, such as saving time and energy, and avoiding possible damage to your valuables. Request a quote without obligation.

Loading and unloading

Furniture assembly (and disassembly)

Do your own moving

Our professional removal materials and handy tips will prepare you well if you’re planning to arrange your move yourself. If you’re only planning a minor move or a move involving a student room, for example, you can cut costs and set your own pace while enjoying the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Check out the details of our self-service removal option now and make your moving plans a reality. Contact us for more info about our removal services.

Ladder lift service with operator

Interested in an effortless and efficient removal from or to a high floor? Take advantage of Dockx Movers’ convenient lift service! Our high-quality removal lifts contain the latest technology, relieving you of all concerns. No more hassle with heavy furniture or hard-to-reach floors. Our experienced movers will relocate all your valuables smoothly and safely. Discover the many advantages of our lift service now and make your move a whole lot easier. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away for more information and a personalised quote.

Furniture storage

Do you want to store your furniture safely? Dockx Movers has the perfect solution: our professional furniture storage service! You can confidently entrust your furniture and precious belongings to us. Our storage facilities are highly protected, so your valuables will be in safe hands. Whether you need temporary storage space during a removal or renovation, or simply want to create extra space, we have flexible and practical customised storage solutions available. We’re ready to help you!

Moving boxes and packing material

Neutralise the stress of packing and make it an enjoyable process with Dockx Movers’ high-quality moving supplies. In our handy e-store, you can find a wide selection of moving boxes, packing materials, and moving kits. From sturdy moving boxes to bubble wrap and wrapping paper, we have everything you need to pack your belongings safely and logically. Save time and forget the stress by choosing high-quality moving supplies. Order now and prepare for a worry-free move! Don’t feel like packing yourself? Get in touch with removal company Dockx Movers.

Moving boxes

To make sure all your belongings are moved without damage, Dockx Boxes stocks a wide range of specialist moving boxes such as book boxes, linen boxes, crockery boxes and many others.

Moving supplies

Make sure the day of your move goes as efficiently as possible by using the right moving supplies from Dockx Boxes, such as bubble wrap, adhesive tape, packing chips, corner protectors, etc. Your valuables will reach their destination easily and safely.

Moving kits

If you're unsure exactly how many boxes and how much packing material you need for your move, check out our complete moving kits tailored to the size of your family.

Check out our moving tips

More moving tips and handy facts can be found in the Dockx Movers booklet or our removal checklist. Download it now and get your move off to a flying start.

Check out our moving tips

More moving tips and handy facts can be found in the Dockx Movers removal checklist. Download it now and get your move off to a flying start.

Dockx movers verhuisboekje

Nog meer verhuistips in het Dockx Movers boekje Verhuistips en handige weetjes. Download het boekje.


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