Meet Marco Baetens

After 5 years working as an agent at Dockx Rental, Marco found that selling removal services was more his true calling. He quickly transferred to Dockx Movers, where he has been working for 12 years with just as much enthusiasm and passion.

As the first point of contact, he always has a very pleasant manner of successfully reassuring people and guiding them through their moving process.

Today, in-between two moving requests, Marco takes some time out to tell us more about his passion for his job and the close bonds he has built up with his colleagues over the years.

The headset is put aside temporarily, and incoming calls are forwarded to the team. We were all ears for this colleague and his infectious enthusiasm.


Moving is one of the most stressful things anybody can do. How do you deal with this when someone calls on the phone?

Firstly, I listen to what they have to say, and reassure them. I always say that I’ll ‘shoulder the burden’ for people, which is such a nice expression. In my opinion, it’s one of the best things about the job: lifting the weight off people’s shoulders.

I always try to talk calmly with customers and do everything I can so they don’t feel overwhelmed. This creates trust and gives customers the feeling (quite rightly) that everything is in good hands with us.

Marco, why do you enjoy working at Dockx Movers so much?

For me, Dockx Movers is a warm and enthusiastic company, and that’s exactly what I tell everyone. I recently spoke with a colleague about how we’ve seen some people come and go over the years, but the colleagues who have stayed are the warm, sincere, and enthusiastic ones.

Reliability is an important value. Dockx Movers is a stable company, which gives both its customers and employees confidence.

How would you describe the working atmosphere here?

When our team gets together, you can really feel that we’re all pulling together, that we want to progress, that we’re enthusiastic and driven. And very helpful. I can rightly say that we treat each other and our customers with respect and friendliness.

I’d find it really cool if my son Lucas would come to work in this company when he’s older and continue the trend in the Baetens generation.

You're an avid walker and take your nutrition seriously. Does this help you do your job better?

Yes, it certainly does. I sit at my desk on the phone all day, and the first thing I do when I get home is walk 7 km. I have to clear my head every day, and walking is how I let off steam.

E-mails and phone calls are continuously coming in, and at peak times it can be extremely busy, so walking helps me put things into perspective and relieve stress.

What advice have you got for all the people who move house?

There are three things I would definitely highlight:

  1. Always prepare well. Put the contents of your cupboards in closed boxes so that they can be neatly stacked. Use as few bags as possible.
  1. If you’ve reserved parking spaces, you always have to make sure that this is respected. Putting up signs isn’t enough to deter everybody, so keep an eye on the situation and take action in good time if necessary.
  1. If you ask friends or family to help, make sure that these people are fit enough, and arrive on time. A move often starts very early, and people who have promised to help sometimes arrive late.