How was 2022? And what does 2023 have in store? The annual Dockx Movers overview

2022 was a particularly busy one for Dockx Movers, and 2023 also promises to be a year with lots of potential.

Was 2022 kind to Dockx Movers?

Sarah Dockx: “We have been incredibly busy the past year, and still feeling the aftermath of the pandemic. The avalanche of jobs at Dockx Movers is incredibly motivating, but unfortunately, we also have to refuse work, which is very frustrating. I always want to go all out, and keep going all out, but my first priority has to be our movers and office team. That was also my main role last year: protect our human capital from the fallout of excessive growth. To prevent implosion, it’s important not to go too fast, while remaining open to possible new challenges.”

Was the staff shortage another major headache?

Sarah: “We carried out some major recruitment campaigns, but we’re still looking for extra movers. It is still a shortage profession. The job is physically challenging, and people are also concerned about the work-life balance. Female emancipation is great, of course, but one of the consequences is that more men are now helping out at home. Our movers often work six days a week, in all kinds of weather. The young generation finds such a workload and the associated irregular hours difficult to accept, precisely because they want to do more to help at home.”

Has the moving sector changed over the past year?

Sarah: “We’ve felt the impact of e-commerce for some time, but last year it was more tangible than ever. Consumers who shop online want to receive their orders immediately, with zero delay. This attitude is also becoming prevalent in our sector. Whereas customers would place an order a month in advance in the past, now we usually only have a week to prepare. That requires a lot of flexibility from our teams and puts our planning department under heavy pressure too.”
“We used to have clear seasonal peaks. The first quarter was always the low season

“We used to have clear seasonal peaks. The first quarter was always the low season, and the busiest period was the summer. This year, we’ve been busy the whole time. Our people often don’t have enough time to recover, so we’re paying extra attention to their well-being and our corporate culture. For example, we organise a happy hour every two weeks. These are fantastic times for Dockx Movers, but it does mean we have to work hard. A healthy company culture is really important to be able to keep up the pace.”

Was the corporate culture up to the job again this year?

Sarah: “It was. Our people draw strength from each other. No matter how intense the work rhythm, they can turn to each other. Moreover, they’ve all got a head for business in their own fields. Our movers do more than shift beds and cupboards, they also actively think about our entire business operations. They work just as hard for Dockx Movers as they would for themselves. This means everyone is extremely driven, which generates lots of energy. Besides, our movers are primarily recruited due to their positive and enterprising attitudes, rather than their knowledge or experience.”

Looking ahead to 2023, what challenges do you expect to face?

Sarah: “In 2022, I was mainly concerned with internal matters, the composition of our teams. We’ve mobilised the troops to do their utmost for the next five years. Lots of moving companies are giving up, because their workforce is ageing and they’re unable to find new blood. That’s something Dockx Movers doesn’t need to worry about. Our staff turnover is virtually zero, which is a very important indicator of a healthy company.”

“Next year, we’ll look at the options for growing both organically and via other channels. I’m already really looking forward to shifting up a gear, and in the first place strengthening the team.”

Is climate on the agenda?

Sarah: “It certainly is! I’m part of the think tank for the European Green Deal roll-out in Belgium. Few moving companies are already actively working on electrifying their fleet of cars, but it’s one of our priorities.”

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