Five handy tips on packing before moving

Packing and arranging a move: a process virtually everyone dreads. However, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and frustration by making sure you pack your belongings more efficiently. In other words, the solution is at hand with a solid packing system and our Dockx Boxes: they allow you to structure your move without the pain of stumbling blocks. As a moving service, Dockx Movers shares some tips with you!

Inpakken tijdens verhuis? Dat kan heel efficiënt! | Dockx Movers

Five tips on how to pack efficiently

  1. Save your old newspapers

This tip isn’t so much about saving space, but money. Don’t throw away your old newspapers, but keep them in a pile somewhere, so that you can use them as a cheap alternative to moving wrapping paper. It is an ideal way of protecting your things from shocks in moving boxes. To avoid mess, it’s a good idea to wrap bottles with liquid contents in aluminium foil. In any case, good protective material is always a big help during a move!

  1. Fill the moving boxes carefully

Want to avoid back pain? Then make sure the moving boxes aren’t too heavy. For example, load a box half full with heavy items, and the other half with pillows, blankets, cuddly toys, etc. Basically, feather-light alternatives. This also reduces the risk of your moving boxes breaking open during the move. Make sure heavy items are always placed at the bottom. Need help with the quantities? Then check out our moving kits, specially designed to make your life easy!

  1. Start packing in good time

Obviously, you shouldn’t pack for the move on the day itself, or just a few days before. In fact, you can and should get started weeks or even months in advance, by systematically packing things that you no longer need before the move: books, garden tools, the deep fryer, the better crockery, etc. This makes moving a manageable process, rather than an insurmountable and confusing task, which in turn keeps your stress level under control. If you can’t move into your new house or flat immediately, temporarily put your furniture into storage.

  1. Label your moving boxes

There’s nothing more frustrating than a pile of anonymous cardboard boxes that all look the same, and you have no idea what’s in them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to label your professional moving boxes, and draw up a list of what each contains, so you can be absolutely sure about what’s where. Another good tip in this context: stickers with information about how the boxes should be handled: Fragile, Handle with care, This side up and Keep dry. Coloured stickers can also be really useful. You can indicate on each moving box in which room the material belongs and maintain an overview.

Dockx Movers also provides a removal checklist that you can print and check off.

  1. Separate the essential and the non-essential

Moving is a good time to rationalise your belongings. Children’s toys that are rarely used? Tableware that you never need? A radio even though you only stream music? It might be time to donate it to the Kringwinkel (recycling store), Moeders voor Moeders (mothers for mothers), local schools, shelters, etc. That would also give the circular economy a helping hand!

Pack and go

Moving actually boils down to common sense: start in good time, fill (large) moving boxes efficiently, check out the costs of moving, store furniture, pack sufficiently, etc. Anyone who uses a well-thought-out moving system will turn a potential nightmare into a walk in the park. Don’t forget to have a look at the Dockx Movers checklist, devised by moving specialists, for more tips and tricks!