Everything you need to know about moving boxes

You could scour all the supermarkets months before your move to search resilient cardboard moving boxes to transport your belongings, of course, but not only does this create a load of extra clutter in your current home, chances are you’ll be left with bits and pieces when you later unpack your things in your new home. A lot of moving boxes also sag when you lift them or stack them in the removal van, so real moving boxes can save you a lot of hassle. The more layers of cardboard and paper, the sturdier and better quality the moving box. So, don’t be tempted by websites offering cheap boxes. Moreover, if you value sustainability, you automatically end up at Dockx Boxes. This is simply because recycling and local production keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

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When's the right time to buy moving boxes?

Timing is important in a move. Are you short on time, do you simply want to move your entire belongings and sort everything out during your next holiday? Then two weekends are enough to pack. It’s not ideal, but sometimes there’s no other way. If you want to avoid having to camp out in your new home for several more months or turn out the contents of seven boxes to find that practical sports bag, then it’s best to start three months in advance. An ideal opportunity to clear out your attic, cellar or garden shed. Stuff that you don’t use regularly or only seasonally, such as Christmas decorations or the barbecue, can be packed calmly well in advance. This will ensure less stress and help you keep a clear mind.

Tip: order your moving boxes at Dockx Movers. Ordered today, delivered with a smile tomorrow. It avoids unnecessary trips with your car. Easy, sustainable, and efficient, what more could you want?

How many moving boxes do you need?

This is difficult to estimate exactly, but the following can be used as a rough guide. Professional movers assume that a family of three needs around thirty moving boxes, and a family of five around seventy. To get started, you can always buy handy moving kits. These include both a range of different boxes and other moving materials such as adhesive tape, stickers, wrapping paper and bubble wrap. If this moving kit isn’t enough, you can always buy additional moving material separately.

Types of moving boxes: think out of the box

The right moving box for the right items, that’s the sensible way to do things. Book boxes can carry more weight, as books are surprisingly heavy. Even more specialised are our archive boxes: sturdy boxes with handles to store all your office materials. Linen boxes are generally slightly larger. They’re perfect for bath towels, sheets, and neatly folded T-shirts and jumpers. Don’t feel like folding up skirts, trouser suits, and that beautiful evening dress? No problem, just leave them on the coat hanger, so they can be transported in handy wardrobe boxes. These are tall boxes with a rod for coat hangers, just like in your wardrobe. They keep your clothes wrinkle-free during a move. Handy tip: clothes that slide easily off the coat hanger can be fastened to a seam with clothes-pegs or large paper clips. Guaranteed to hang neatly, and you won’t have to iron them afterwards. For fragile items, we supply dinnerware boxes. It’s best to wrap cups, plates, glasses, vases, and flowerpots in wrapping paper before stacking them. Wine boxes, as you might have guessed, are specially designed for bottles. Don’t forget the symbol stickers with ‘this side up’, ‘fragile’ or even ‘handle with care’. For toys, spare duvets and cushions, party decorations and other items you don’t need to unpack immediately in your new home, plastic storage boxes are the perfect solution. Move and have a clear-out at the same time.

Still confused about all the moving boxes?

Organisation is half the battle. Make a list of all the rooms in your home and give them a number. Suppose your bedroom is number 1. Using a thick marker, mark all moving boxes containing items from the room with the number 1 and a sticker detailing the contents. Stick a piece of paper with a big number 1 on your bedroom door in your new house, so that all boxes with the same number end up in the right room. Do this for each room. Arrange some key boxes too, small boxes that stand out thanks to their orange colour. Handy for keys, chargers, remote controls, and other small essential items. Also arrange one with some scissors, Stanley knives, nuts and bolts from cabinets to be assembled, and maybe a couple of screwdrivers. Really useful when these tools are just what you need after a move.

To move without stress, you need the right moving equipment. Simple.