Need a removal lift? We'll take you to a 'higher' level!

Moving is a complex business, but moving to a high floor makes it even more complicated. However, that’s no reason to postpone the move or stress about it. A good removal lift is half the battle, especially if you take into account that 95 percent of the time, moving with a removal lift is:

A range of removal options

Dockx Movers, your professional removal partner, has various tailor-made packages available, to make your move run as smoothly as possible. For example, we offer the standard removal lift with a Dockx Movers operator, but you can also rent a self-assembly lift, or request extra professional manpower to get heavy furniture safely into your new home…

Either way, we supply the necessary professional safety equipment, such as safety cones to mark off the location, removal blankets, and so on.

Removal lift with operator

Removals at height do entail some risk. For this reason, we also send a skilled operator if you rent a ladder lift or removal lift from us, to assist you during the move.

  • The operator provides an extra safety guarantee, as they undergo regular safety training and know exactly how and where to place the ladder lift to avoid damage.
  • Their experience means they can estimate the removal lift capacity perfectly.
  • The removal lifts themselves are in any case one hundred percent
  • They are inspected every three months by a recognised inspection body.

Self-assembly lift?

Dockx Movers also rents out self-assembly lifts as an alternative, from its Dockx Service Shops. You can use a self-assembly lift to help you do your removal yourself, up to the third floor. Please note, to ensure safety you should have at least four people in your group. The removal lift is electric, so you’ll also need a socket nearby and possibly an extension cable. And remember: installation requires some skill and technical know-how. Read the accompanying manual carefully before using the removal lift. Alternatively, watch this useful video.

verhuislift met bediening Dockx Movers

Professional removal partner with removal lift and manpower

Do you have to move heavy furniture or machines? That’s already a challenge in itself, but what if things have to go up several floors? Then it might be a good idea to hire in some experienced movers in addition to a removal lift with an operator. The movers can then stack the lift with the correct weight distribution and retrieve the material carefully, without damage, of course.


Do you want to rent a removal lift with an operator? Then make an appointment here. After the practical arrangements have been made, the removal lift will be brought to your home. So, is there anything else you can do yourself in the meantime, besides packing and sorting in moving boxes and placing objects ready for the move? There certainly is: you must always request your municipality to apply parking restrictions, so that the removal lift can be put in the appropriate place on the moving day.

Done? Then a smooth move awaits you!