Home clean-up: get your home ready for the autumn

We don’t immediately associate the autumn holidays with nice weather and being outside (although who knows with climate change…), so when temperatures drop it’s an ideal time for an autumn clean-up. What stuff can be thrown out, and what does deserve a place in your home from now on? Where do you really need a good clear-out, and are there places where everything can be stored? Questions all answered during an (extensive?) autumn clean-up. It doesn’t have to be boring, by the way: round up some friends, give your kids some (fun) tasks, put some music on, and provide schnapps or hot chocolate as a reward!

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Plan your autumn clean-up

For an autumn clean-up to run smoothly, it is important first and foremost to plan it well. An autumn clean-up covers a big range of tasks: clearing the garden of dead leaves, bringing the patio furniture in for the winter, cleaning out the gutters, getting the Halloween stuff out of the attic and displaying it, putting clothes the kids have outgrown in boxes, getting rid of games that are no longer played, tidying up the cellar or attic, and so on. Try to draw up a list of priorities based on these tasks. Is the weather still nice? Then start by covering and/or storing the garden furniture and garden cushions that cannot withstand autumn and winter weather, along with the barbecue. Is there a big flea market soon? Then it might be useful to first make a list of the stuff you can or want to sell.

By the way, planning an autumn clean-up is also the ideal time to take a moment to consider the possibility of creating extra storage space in your home. Can you maybe install another cupboard or shelf somewhere? Could an extra-large plastic storage box be used to store your comics, books, or party games? Also think about hidden storage areas you don’t currently use: under the bed, sofa or the cupboard, for example. Just remember that these areas are real dust magnets. It might be worth considering renting a storage container? This is particularly useful for stuff you might need once a year, such as your skis or summer travel bags, for example.

The necessary equipment ready at home

Depending on what your schedule looks like, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to clean up efficiently. Do you have enough storage boxes? Do you need work gloves for mucky jobs? Maybe you need to rent a removal van to take a table or chair to the ‘Kringwinkel’

Time your tasks

It’s a common trap: you start to tidy up only to lose hours browsing through a photo album you come across. An easy way around this? Use an egg timer: set it to roughly one hour per room you want to tackle, and the ticking is guaranteed to make you literally work against time and get things done!

What about unnecessary stuff?

Have you finished the autumn clean-up, and found yourself with one or more boxes full of stuff? Then don’t immediately think about bringing them to the recycling centre or putting them in the attic, where they will only gather dust again, but think about giving them a second life (and do your bit for sustainability!), by donating anything to a ‘Kringwinkel’ (recycling store) or to charity while they’re still usable. Or how you can turn a clear-out into something positive!

However, are you looking for a more long-term solution to store your belongings and furniture somewhere else for a while? Dockx Movers offers excellent furniture storage options. Our secure and well-maintained storage facilities are ideal for storing furniture and other valuable possessions. Whether you need extra space during a renovation or for long-term storage, check out our flexible options. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities

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