The right material for a smooth move

No matter how much moving experience you have, every time it brings the usual stress. What do you take with you, and what do you leave behind? Do you have enough manpower? And then be careful not to break anything. Fortunately, thanks to tips from Dockx Movers, you can forget any worries about moving materials. From moving boxes to adhesive tape and from wrapping paper to bubble wrap, Dockx Movers knows all about it. Interested in finding out how the right materials can make your move safer, more efficient, and more ecological? Then read on!

Het juiste materiaal voor een vlotte verhuis - Dockx Movers

Handy moving tools make it simple

Using the right moving tools makes planning a move a lot easier. Instead of straining your back with heavy objects, think about your removal checklist and how things can be done more efficiently. Also, don’t forget to make a specific selection of moving boxes for efficient packing and unpacking. To tape the boxes shut, use a convenient tape dispenser that saves a lot of time. Using the right materials makes everything go much faster, and cuts costs. A few investments in the right moving supplies make the difference time and again.

Use sustainable moving boxes

It’s a good idea to think about how sustainable your moving supplies are, and the planet will be grateful. These days, it pays to invest in sustainable cardboard boxes. You can also reuse them again and again. Choose Dockx Boxes, made of double-walled 100% recycled cardboard, manufactured in Belgium. This ensures that your boxes maintain their strength, and do not tear or collapse when stacked. And for your fragile items, it’s best to use recycled packing chips as an alternative to bubble wrap. The chips fill empty spaces and stop the products in the box from moving around. This makes them resistant to shocks and extends the lives of both the products and the moving boxes. In the context of sustainability, paper ecotape to seal your boxes is highly recommended. Less single-use plastic in the world, that’s what we all want!

Did you know that more than 90% of Dockx moving boxes and materials are made locally? This is how we do our bit!

Protect your belongings during the move

You obviously don’t want your belongings to get damaged during a move. You can start by collecting newspapers for example to pack your crockery and breakables a few weeks before you move, but if you’re more of a digital reader and find newsprint passé, you can also always order wrapping paper online. Using appropriate materials (such as sturdy moving boxes and protective packing materials, protective cloths, moving blankets, plate protectors, etc.) is the best way to be sure your belongings will get from point A to point B smoothly and safely.

By the way, you can also move your clothes in a creative way. Place your clothes with coat hangers on your bed in a mattress cover, and fold it closed. This protects them and keeps them together easily.

Make moving easy with convenient moving kits

If you have little experience in moving or almost no material at your disposal, a Dockx Boxes moving kit is maybe a solution. We offer a wide range of moving kits that are perfectly tailored to different moving needs. Kits include boxes, padding, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and much more. Whether you’re moving to a small studio or a bigger house, there’s always a moving kit to suit you. Make it easy on yourself and move according to the size of your family!

With these handy kits, you don’t have to worry about missing essential moving materials and can move forward with your moving project stress-free and efficiently.

Leave the lifting to moving professionals

Everything well prepared and packed? Time for the removal van. Introducing: Dockx Movers, the complete removal service. We offer a varied and wide range of moving solutions to suit the smaller and larger needs of individuals, companies, and administrations. Experienced movers are on hand to make the move quick and efficient.

Moving supplies, big and small

In short, professional moving supplies make everything easier. At Dockx Movers, you can buy all your moving supplies, large and small. Dockx Rental will be happy to help you find the right vehicle and moving tools for your specific transportation needs. Finally, the movers of Dockx Movers are ready to take over the heavy lifting from you. Other questions about our services?

Feel free to contact us for more information.