What makes a career at Dockx Movers so challenging: "I have to solve a puzzle every day”

Tom Dockx, married, father of two and cousin of Sarah and Joeri Dockx, has been working enthusiastically every day for four years as lead dispatcher at Dockx Movers.

Tom Dockx - Dockx Movers

What exactly does a lead dispatcher at Dockx Movers do?

“Essentially, I have operational responsibility, which entails drawing up the schedules for all movers and briefing them on the specifics. In practice, this means assigning the right people to the right job, making sure to match the qualities of the mover with the task at hand. “I’m also responsible for all operational aspects of the moves. For example, especially with larger projects that involve several days, I go over the action plan and progress of the move together with the customer. I also check with the sales staff to determine when new projects can be scheduled. What it more or less boils down to is solving a puzzle every day.”

Why do you like working for Dockx Movers?

Because no two days are the same. Every move is different, you have to be able to solve problems on the spot – from sick movers to a moving van that has broken down – and I serve as the liaison between the office and movers, which I find very rewarding in terms of human contact. Also, it keeps me fully up-to-date on what everyone is doing at all times.”

“No two working days are the same because our customer portfolio is so varied. We offer full service removals, as well as company removals, ICT equipment relocation, archive pick-ups, furniture storage, high-end and senior citizens moves, moving boxes, etc. This is also precisely why we were able to survive the pandemic lockdown: we never stopped working since we don’t focus on only one market, so we were able to continue our activities.”

What is Dockx Movers’ most important mission or goal?

“Moving is one of the most stressful life events. If we can help reduce the stress level for those involved, this is tremendously rewarding. How do we achieve this? By offering a custom solution for every move: no assembly line work at Dockx Movers!

Why is Dockx Movers a great place to work?

“It’s a family business with a people-first culture where employees are given every possible opportunity and consideration: you are listened to, you can go directly to the bosses to discuss anything, etc. ‘That’s just the way it is’ doesn’t exist here.”

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