Choose the right packing material for a smooth move

Let’s be honest, packing materials from Dockx Movers won’t take all the hassle out of your move, but it will make it a whole lot more efficient, so you can limit damage to a minimum and ensure a well-organised move that will save you a whole lot of time and headaches. So, what materials and tools are we actually talking about? And how do you know what exactly to get or have at home?

Pack and go!

Everybody who moves house wants to get their belongings safely to their new destination, of course. Fortunately, there’s a lot of material available that can help. We’ll leave out the extremely practical but by now widely known moving boxes here, not least because we already wrote about them in a previous blog post, and instead highlight less obvious but equally useful material.

For example, how about materials that don’t so much protect your belongings as the location where they leave and arrive (such as double laminated floor covers) or the movers’ hands (in the form of work gloves for both summer and winter)? After all, you should not only think about your own belongings, but also the comfort of your movers!

The perfect moving equipment

But the core concern remains protecting the furniture, glasses, plates, lamps, and whatever else you hold dear. Then a dinnerware box with glass divider, for example, is an incredibly useful ally, as is enough bubble wrap to pack fragile and breakable items. Prefer an ecological alternative to bubble wrap? How about recycled packing chips, which form a soft, shock-resistant layer around fragile products?

No matter how well you prepare your move, there will always be materials you haven’t considered but which turn out to be incredibly useful at the moment. Such as warning tape, to mark boxes and shipments that contain breakable or fragile contents. Or removal straps, to secure furniture or goods securely to the securing battens of the removal van.

Moving equipment for every job

Meticulously planning your move, figuring out which materials go into which moving box, calling in professional movers or not, reserving a delivery van or removal van: all very useful and necessary steps for an efficient move. But without the right material, you might find yourself regularly scratching your head. Whether it’s something basic like adhesive tape or wrapping paper, to something less obvious like cover sheets or corner protectors: take your time to get the right materials. Even a tape dispenser, which at first glance might not seem crucial when it comes to moving, can do wonders for your peace of mind: the time you waste cursing because you can’t get the tape neatly off the roll can be used for something much more useful, like effective moving, thanks to this dispenser.

Packing material: take advantage

It may all seem a bit much, but the big advantage is that with Dockx Movers, you have a partner where all the moving materials are gathered in one place and where (if you wish, of course) you can get advice on the best approach. Simply use the e-store, or get tips from a flesh-and-blood employee via our contact details. Everything is possible!