Tips and tricks for a stress-free office removal

A company removal is slightly different than moving house. For example, you have to create an action plan to make sure your office relocation runs smoothly. To limit any ‘downtime’ in your company, call in professional movers. Dockx Movers is pleased to give you some tips to make sure your office removal goes smoothly! 

1. Create an action plan

Change can quickly descend into chaos, especially if a lot of people are involved. However, taking a systematic approach to your company relocation and drawing up an action plan can help you avoid unnecessary stress and expense.

  • Every office relocation has a SPOC: a project manager who maintains an overview, coordinates logistics, and nips any practical issues in the bud. This person can also keep track of which staff members are willing to help with the preparations before, during and after the relocation.
  • Decide the best days for your office relocation, how many boxes (purchase) or rental bins you need, and when you’re going to need them.
  • Customers and suppliers must also be aware of any interruptions to services and new contact details, so let them know by sending an e-mail or posting a notice on your website.

2. Make lists

Well-organised lists make your company relocation a whole lot easier. Categorise the office supplies: what are you going to take to the new workplace? What are you going to leave behind? And what else do you need to buy? The best approach is to make a list for each department. The things you have to take with you can often be packed months in advance. That relieves both you and your employees of some stress.

3. This is the way to pack

In our last blog post, we gave some useful tips on the best way to pack for a move, but make sure you also do the following:

  • Stick clearly visible labels on each moving box, stating the contents of the box and its destination. Check if you have to move heavier items. Maybe you could use a dolley?
  • Separate pieces of office supplies, such as calculators, phones or computers, can be placed in plastic bins or in handy moving boxes. The best solution for files and archive folders is to use professional archive boxes.
  • Lighter material can be placed in cardboard boxes. Mark boxes or bins with breakable items. Use multi-layer double-walled corrugated cardboard boxes. Cheap moving boxes can be found online and in stores, but they’re not up to the job because they don’t have enough layers of paper.
  • Tape all boxes tightly shut at the top and bottom. Do not overload boxes. If the moving box is too heavy for you to lift, it’s also too heavy for the backs of professional movers.
  • After marking boxes, place them together against a wall, not on furniture or in cupboards, so that the furniture can also be moved freely.
  • If you intend to leave boxes stacked for a long time, it’s better to use bins, because boxes tend to collapse after a while.

4. Hire professional movers

You can decide to carry out an office move yourself, but hiring a removal company guarantees you peace of mind. A professional project leader will draw up a step-by-step plan with you.

  • Arrange a meeting with the removal company three months before the office move. Draw up a realistic schedule for the moving days. Are you moving during the week or at the weekend? A weekend move will cause less disruption to day-to-day business, but is more expensive.
  • To avoid any crossed lines, appoint a single point of contact to communicate with the removal company. This person must make sure that the movers receive clear, complete information.
  • Discuss the order in which departments should be moved. The removal company can then use this to work out how many removal vans, removal lifts and movers are needed. Tip: to resume your business activities without delay, move your ICT equipment first.
  • Professional movers are experts in moving your ICT securely and safely. They can also immediately reorganise the archive, and arrange a place for it internally or partly externally.
  • A removal company also often offers storage options for furniture. Dockx Movers stores furniture in individual storage containers. These containers can be filled at your premises then safely stored in the warehouse, where they are immediately insured against fire and theft.
  • Furniture storage contracts are available for short periods, from just one week, and can be terminated when you wish.
  • There’s always waste after a removal, but you don’t have to worry about that either. The movers take the waste with them or provide a container at your premises.

Would you like more tips and tricks for a stress-free company removal? Maybe you’d like to see if you’ve covered everything on our office removal checklist? Have a look at, and hire professional movers to help.